M Residence + Bungalow

M Residence + Bungalow

Cuernavaca, Mexico


Design and Construction: Weber Arquitectos | Designer: Anina Schulte-Trux, Fernando Weber | Furniture Design: Anina Schulte-Trux | Completion Date: 2005 | Photos by: Alfonso de Béjar


Close friends asked us to remodel and design new areas for their summer house on a showcase lot in Cuernavaca, set amid a 1500 m2 garden above a canyon featuring tall pines and other trees.

A wooden structure adjacent to the house was designed both to create rhythm and a sunlit terrace. New construction is attached to the existing residential structure along different surface levels.


A 2-bedroom-block was designed to be a discrete element for autonomous and flexible use as required by guest parties of different sizes.


In order to leverage topographical characteristics, the small 65 m2 structure was placed on a hill to the rear of the house. Varying bedroom and patio elevations were achieved through selective ground-level hill excavations. Interior spaces include a small patio that maintains an intimate feel as it provides natural ventilation and light.

Wall stones were acquired as part of the excavation process and connect the interior space to the surrounding landscape.